Online hormonal health coaching, specializing in fertility, irregular periods, PCOS, weight loss, libido, hormonal acne, perimenopause and menopause.


It’s time to stop seeing your hormones as the enemy.


I believe that there is true beauty in women’s cyclical nature.  But every day I see women who are completely out of sync with their deepest rhythm.

My goal is to get to the root of your hormonal issues, whether you’re trying to have a baby, coming off the pill, struggling with hormonal acne, trying to lose an extra 15 pounds, feeling confused by a thyroid or PCOS diagnosis, looking for a natural form of birth control or just wondering where the heck your period has gotten to.

No matter what’s going on in your hormonal world, I’ve got ya!

Hormone + Endocrine Balance

Irregular Periods

Skincare + Hormonal Acne

PCOS + other menstrual disorders

Coming off birth control pills

Fertility issues + healthy conception

Weight loss + vitality

Desire + libido issues

Stress management

The Women’s Wellness Hormonal Health Assessment is a 360° assessment of your hormonal health and overall physical and emotional vitality.  This is the first step in working together because it gives us both a high-level vision of not only what’s going on in your body, but an integrative picture of everything in your life that may be contributing to things like: hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, infertility, weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, low libido, hormonal acne or other skin conditions and PMS.

One of my core beliefs is that everything is connected.  So I make sure that my first step in working with a new client is to really dig deep into your hormonal health, physical wellness + emotional landscape so that we can connect the dots that will guide you back to a place of vitality, balance + radiant health.

After our consultation, you’ll receive a holistic health plan based on your Hormonal Archetype. 

Women’s Wellness Hormonal Health Assessments may be booked either as a one-off appointment, where you incorporate the holistic health plan on your own, in conjuction with a DIY program or as the first step in one of our 3- or 6-month health coaching plans listed below.  Depending on your unique symptoms, we may recommend blending two or more of our health coaching plans into one package that is as unique as you are. 


Help for when your hormones have gone rogue.

The female endocrine system (the bodily system that controls our hormones) is a thing of delicate beauty.  When it’s in flow, you’ll ride the monthly wave in a predictable choreographed dance.   But for a lot of women, your cycle is extra-sensitive and easy to throw out of whack.  Sometimes it’s difficult to even tell how your hormones got off track and how to get them back on-line again.

This is where we come in. 

We can help you if ANY of the following are true for you:

  • You experience irregular or missing periods
  • When you do get your period you have brown, black or very light pink blood
  • You may have been diagnosed with PCOS (or suspect you may have it)
  • You experience cyclical symptoms such as: 
  • Experience chronic (reoccurring) UTIs, bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections
  • You feel “wired tired” at night and often have trouble sleeping (or get a spike of energy / second wind around 11pm)
  • You really aren’t sure WTF is going on with your period, there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind it!
  • You’d like to learn more about natural ways to connect with your cycle so that you can either enhance your fertility or prevent conception without the use of hormonal birth control methods
  • You’d like to learn about the four distinct phases of the menstrual cycle and how you can harness the power of each one to supercharge every aspect of your life!

This package is not for you if you’re: over 45+ and suspect that you may be going through perimenopause or you have already gone through menopause OR you have had a partial or total hysterectomy or oophorectomy. 

Getting your eggs in tip-top shape.

Did you know that the egg you release this month has just finished up a roughly 90-day cycle preparing for its release?  What you do, think about, eat and how you move during those 90 days prior to conception has a tremendous impact on the quality of your egg. The science of epigenetics has taught us about the importance of this run-up to ovulation and in the Unlock Your Fertility protocol we work together for three to six months prior to conception to make sure you’re bringing out the best, genetically healthy eggs that you can!

We can help you if ANY of the following are true:

  • You’re ready to get pregnant (or thinking about it) and want to make sure your body + your eggs are in great shape
  • You’ve been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully and you’d like a boost of knowledge, know-how and confidence
  • Your period is irregular or missing
  • You’ve gotten pregnant and miscarried and want to know some natural ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy
  • You’re going through the IVF process / about to start IVF / or trying to avoid IVF
  • You want to learn more about your fertility, naturally, so that you can time your ovulation and fertility window more accurately
  • You want to use nutrition, supplements and prenatal vitamins to enhance your fertility but you aren’t sure where to start
  • You want to find out which actions, foods or supplements are actually blocking your fertility and could be keeping you from getting pregnant

This program isn’t for you if you’re: over 45+ OR going through perimenopause OR have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, advanced endometriosis or multiple fibroids. 


Call us when you’re ready to get your groove back.

Your sex drive is a crucial bit of info that can tell us a lot about the state of your hormonal, physical + emotional vitality. So many women allow their sexual spark to atrophy, believing that it’s supposed to die with age.

To that, we say NO WAY. 

Drawing on cutting edge science + nutrition, we’ll work with you to rediscover your sexual radiance and pleasure and uncover the root of any premature hormonal aging.  We’ll also use the latest research in the neuroscience of female pleasure to talk you through the ins and outs of how to ramp up your desire (whether you’re partnered up or solo)

We can help you if ANY of the following are true:

  • Your interest in sex isn’t what it used to be
  • You find it difficult to reach an orgasm or to stay lubricated
  • You’re just too tired to think about sex
  • You’re feeling body conscious and insecure about the way that you look
  • You often feel too anxious to really relax during sex or foreplay
  • You’d like to find out how to nourish your sexuality during each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle
  • You have a healthy sex life and orgasm regularly / easily but you’d like to ramp it up a notch
  • You’d like to find out which foods are robbing you of your sex drive and what healthy choices you can use to swap out the baddies
  • You’d like to learn more about supplements, vitamins and minerals that can help improve your libido
  • You’d like to learn about movement and alternative practices that can help you increase your pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.


Glowing skin + a healthy, slim figure? Step right this way.

Irregular periods and infertility aren’t the only signals that your hormones are out of whack.  We also look to see what’s going on outside of your body, since what’s going on outside tends to mimic what’s happening inside. Several of the places we look at are your skin, your hair and your figure.  We know that if you don’t address the underlying hormonal issues, no amount of dieting, hours on the elliptical or $100 face creams is going to make a difference in the long term.

In the Unlock Your Vitality protocol we get to the root of your skin, hair or weight issues to create a plan for you that will work for life.

We can help you if ANY of the following are true:

  • You are unhappy about your weight
  • You are carrying extra weight around your middle (“spare tire”)
  • You have hormonal acne on your face, back or chest
  • You experience eczema or another skin condition that you suspect is hormonally linked
  • You’re working out or dieting and you don’t seem to be making any (or much) progress
  • You are lacking in energy
  • You may be experiencing anxiety or depression
  • You experience food cravings
  • Your hair is oily or dry and lifeless
  • Your skin looks sallow and lifeless
  • You’d like to learn some tools to bring more radiance and vitality to your body, skin and hair
  • You suspect that your diet may be causing problems with your hair, skin or figure but you’re not sure what’s happening
  • You suspect that your hormones may be causing problems with your hair, skin or figure but you’re not sure what’s happening
  • You’d like to learn about to support your body throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle with aligned exercise, diet, supplements and skincare
  • You want to feel more energy and spark in your day
  • You’d like to bring more creativity and presence into your daily experience

Because coming off the pill can be tough.

It’s widely know that hormonal birth control (especially birth control pills) come with a host of pretty crappy side effects, from depression to low- or no-libido to increased risk of blood clots.  When you make the decision to stop taking hormonal birth control your body may go haywire for 3-to-6 months, sometimes even longer as it tries its hardest to return to a natural balance.

Whether you’ve decided to go off of hormonal birth control because the side effects are driving you crazy, you’re trying to have a baby or you’re just ready to get to know your body in a more natural and intimate way, we’re here for you. 

Our Coming Off the Pill protocol uses nutrition, supplements, movement, detoxification + our unique Cycle Mapping Method technique to minimize your symptoms and reconnect with your body during your transition.


One of the things that sets us apart is our use of cutting-edge technology to communicate, track + interpret our client’s day-to-day experience.  It’s not enough to meet periodically.

With our iOS Health app integration we’re able to track important metrics like your menstrual cycle, ovulation, nutrition, sleep, stress + exercise on a regular basis.

Check out a few of the apps we use with our clients

GLOW | Cycle Charting

CLUE | Cycle Charting

CALM | Meditation

NIKE + | Running, Exercise



How can I work with you?

We typically work with clients virtually via Zoom or over the phone.  

What modalities do you use in your protocols?

We believe strongly in the power of taking a natural, integrative approach to hormonal health.  As such, we draw heavily on the functional and clinical nutrition research that has been done in areas of hormonal health and fertility.

Our health coaching protocols are flexible and because we know that each of our clients are unique, we make sure that we’re cooking up a new “recipe” for each woman we work with.

Typically our protocols will include functional nutrition, supplement, vitamin and mineral recommendations, techniques for safe and gentle detoxification of the body’s major systems, movement and mind-body practices (including our own yoga, meditation and movement videos + resources.)

What are your qualifications?

Nicole Harlow, founder of the Center for Menstrual and Sexual Health, is a certified in women’s health coach who holds certifications in Clinical Nutrition, Herbalism for Women, Traditional Naturopathy and she holds a Master’s degree in Sexuality. Nicole has also been teaching yoga and meditation for women for almost a decade.

Are your health coaching services covered by insurance?

No, we do not work with healthcare providers and we do not accept insurance.

Can I work with you and my doctor at the same time?

YES!  We actually recommend it.  We’re not doctors and the work that we’ll do together doesn’t or shouldn’t be used in place of a primary care physician, gynecologist or OB-GYN

Can I work with you and another holistic healer, like an acupuncturist?

Of course!  As long as you are seeing positive benefit with the healing work you’re doing with another practitioner, we think that’s just peachy!

I had some blood work done for my hormones / vitamins / minerals / thyroid / other, can you help me understand it?

Yes, we can help you translate and parse the information in your blood work.  In fact, it can be very helpful to have blood work done before working together so that we can establish a baseline of your health before and after you go through the protocol.

Sometimes blood work comes back “normal” when the results are actually sub-clinical, meaning that according to your doctor nothing is officially wrong because it doesn’t cross the threshold, but you most likely will still feel like something is “off.”  We can help empower you to interpret results that are subclinical and translate what it means for your body.

Blood work isn’t necessary for us to work together, though so there is no need to go out and get any tests done unless you want to or your doctor has recommended them.

I’m already on medication (antidepressants, thyroid medication, birth control pills, etc.) can we still work together?

Yes, we don’t advise you to stop taking any medications without speaking to your doctor first.  We do have a specific protocol that we use to work with women who are ready to come off of hormonal birth control pills

Can I work with you while I’m going through IVF treatments or working with a fertility doctor?

Yes, you absolutely can! In fact we believe that our Unlock Your Fertility health coaching program is a perfect companion to fertility treatments.  If you are considering fertility treatments, but you haven’t started yet, we recommend that you consider working with our clinic for 3 to 6 months first.

I’m vegan or vegetarian, will your functional nutrition recommendations work for me?

While we respect the desire to eat according to your conscious, we’ve found that many women who are experience hormonal imbalance do improve once they add ethically sourced animal products to their diet (grass-fed butter, bone broths, grass-fed organic beef, wild-caught fish and seafood.)   It’s not required that you stop eating a vegan or vegetarian diet, but ideally we do recommend some animal products in our protocols.

Some women who are on a vegetarian or vegan diet find that they experience irregular or very light periods.  If this sounds like you, we would recommend introducing some animal products into your diet for a short period of 3-to-6 months to see if there is any improvement in your symptoms and cycle.

Is your clinic queer friendly?

We welcome people from all over the queer spectrum…. whether you’re a pair of lesbian moms trying to make a baby, to a non-binary queer or transperson who is struggling with hormonal issues, you’re welcome here!