At The Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health we wanted to make sure that we were giving back to the world in a BIG way.  So we started our #FREECLEO initiative to educate one million women who come from low-income, minority, or refugee / asylum seeker both in the USA and internationally.

#FREECLEO provides scientifically-backed education based our Cycle Mapping Method™ (CMM) sex education curriculum (CMM is an scientifically-based, upgraded version of Fertility Awareness Method) and we also provide free digital basal body thermometers to our students.

#FREECLEO is Clinically-tested, Low-cost, Easy + Optimal

We believe that the communities we serve often have difficulty accessing birth control due to financial, location, health care or religious reasons, so with #FREECLEO we provide the simple tools (a basal thermometer and condoms) and the easy steps necessary for a woman to take her reproductive cycle into her own hands.  Our curriculum teaches women how to interpret and track their fertility signs so that they’ll know exact when their fertile time of the month is.

We provide education classes + materials in community centers, schools + health centers across the world.

Want to learn more about bringing #FREECLEO to your community or how you can give back  with us?  Contact us here.