In just one question, we’ll let you know which of your hormones might be out of whack. 


Click on the group of symptoms that sounds the MOST like you?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the symptoms listed in each group.

I’d had suspicions anyway about my hormonal issues and the quiz helped reaffirm what I’d suspected. However it also gave me tips to try that I’d never thought of before. I started taking red clover on the suggestion of the quiz and this past cycle, for the first time in AGES, I had a GOOD amount of fertile quality (egg white) cervical fluid!! I am ttc so finally seeing that was so exciting!!  
Hannah G.

I took the Hormonal Archetype test because i was curious what i can change or do to improve my life, and also to learn more about my own body! For sure i will try out the recommended supplements and follow the tips regarding food. I'm positive that with the right motivation and tips a lot of woman will be helped! Thanks Nicole for all the effort you do to give tips regarding food, beauty, meditation, cool playlists and so much more!!
Dannae B.

Dear Nicole, thank you! I've found the Hormonal Archetype very interesting and useful.  I suggested your website to some friends of mine too!

Chiara C.


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