Unlock Your Vitality Program



Product Description


Grounded, upbeat energy + a healthy, slim figure? Step right this way.


Irregular periods and infertility aren’t the only signals that your hormones are out of whack.  At the Unlock Your Cycle Clinic we also look to see what’s going on outside of your body, since what’s going on outside tends to mimic what’s happening inside. Several of the places we look at are your skin, your hair and your figure.  We know that if you don’t address the underlying hormonal issues, no amount of dieting, hours on the elliptical or $100 face creams is going to make a difference in the long term.

In the Unlock Your Vitality protocol we get to the root of your skin, hair or weight issues to create a plan for you that will work for life.

This program will help you if ANY of the following are true:

  • You are unhappy about your weight
  • You are carrying extra weight around your middle (“spare tire”)
  • You’re working out or dieting and you don’t seem to be making any (or much) progress
  • You are lacking in energy
  • You may be experiencing anxiety or depression
  • You experience food cravings
  • You’d like to learn some tools to bring more sexy vitality to your body
  • You suspect that your diet may be causing problems with your figure but you’re not sure what’s happening
  • You suspect that your hormones may be causing problems with your figure but you’re not sure what’s happening
  • You’d like to learn about to support your body throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle with aligned exercise, diet and supplements
  • You want to feel more energy and spark in your day
  • You’d like to bring more creativity and presence into your daily experience

Unlock Your Vitality Program

Program Modules 

Module 1 :  Unlock Your Vitality Protocol

Module 2 :  Hormones, Happiness + Energy

Module 3 :  Stress Reduction + Radical Self-Care Practices

Program Yoga + Movement Videos

  • Unlock Your Vitality : Strength
  • Unlock Your Vitality : Cardio
  • Unlock Your Vitality : Core


Meditation x 1


Resources + References

  • Cycle Mapping Method printout
  • Unlock Your Vitality nutrition guide + prinout