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Something for the weekend No. 26

Hi there!!

Hope your week has been peachy!

This week saw all of my creative engines on full blast as I unveiled the Unlock Your Cycle Membership. Becoming a founding member of the hormonal health clinic has a bunch of cool perks (if I may say so myself!) so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

This week’s newest article on theCMSH website:

Are You Super Fertile? Learn how to read your body’s clues…..

Pretty pleased to be quoted in this article on Bustle.com: 11 “Gross” Things Your Body Does That You Need To Pay Attention To.

“Our bodies are constantly sending out clues and signals when something isn’t right. We just need to know the language of our body so that we can parse that information,” integrative women’s health expert Nicole Harlow tells Bustle. “When you’re sensitive to the messages from your body … you’re more likely to stop disorders, imbalances, and infections in their tracks instead of allowing them to mature into chronic diseases in the future”…

Read more

Another quote in Bustle.com, this time for 11 Signs You Might Have A Tilted Uterus

“It affects around 20 percent of the female population and is typically genetic, so there’s a good chance that your mother or grandmother also had a retroverted uterus,” says women’s health expert and founder of The Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health, Nicole Harlow. “There are certain conditions like endometriosis and uterine fibroids that may also tilt the uterus backwards”…





Girlboss, the Netflix series.  Guilty pleasure, for sure!  Fun and funny, of course! Great soundtrack, yep!  But I can’t seem to shake the knowledge of Nasty Gal’s bankruptcy looming in the distant future as I watch past-Sophia celebrate and it doesn’t feel as fresh or relevant as I would have hoped in our Trumpian-present. Read Vanity Fair’s unpacking here. I’d recommend it, but with a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance.


Listening to:


Rihanna // Anti. Way late to this party, but this album has finally found its way into my on-repeat list. 



This week I’ve been tearing through free classics on the Kindle.  I read the Rudyard Kipling “The Man Who Would Be King” and just started Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamov”


This week I learned + discovered:


Scientists have observed epigenetic memories being passed down for 14 generations. This has me pondering what might have happened in my family bloodline over the last 14 generations that could be influencing my life today.  

Why Philadelphia has thousands of murals. Reppin’ my hood, growing up with murals all around me, I never though to question their origin story.
Antidepressants, meditation, the Goddess, and antibiotics. Another gem from Danielle LaPorte.

For the boss babes out there, two resources from writer extraordinaire Alexandra Franzen. A free workbook to get more clients and a video class for conquering writing procrastination. 


So, now it’s your turn. Hit reply and tell me what’s something you’ve read, listened to, watched or learned this week that’s added a little something special to your week?

Enjoy your weekend!



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