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Hello hello!

How has your week been?  Yes, it’s true.  It IS Friday and here I am again with your weekly curated list of my traipses and trails through the internet.
Last week I totally forgot to send you a little welcome message here up at the top, so please accept my sincerest apologies for the rudeness of barge into your digital space without so much as a hello!
This week, I sent out an email about a new design studio offering (this time NOTabout periods.)  If you didn’t see the email you can read it here.
In the email I mentioned putting together an optin quiz + powerful sales funnel combo, but I just want to mention here that I’m also looking to work with a few clients this summer on some out-of-the-box projects, like perhaps digital brochures, client guides, media kits, e-course branding, etc.  So if you have something that you’ve been wanting to bring to life for a while and want some (stylish) help, just send me a message!
In other news I have two new ideas for the Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health that are literally keeping me up at night with excitement!  Look for a big reveal of something sweet, sexy and fun around my birthday (May 18th)  YASSSSS SPRINKLES!

LATEST BLOG POST | Magical Maca.

Maca powder is the ground powder of maca root — an adaptogen plant grown high in Peruvian Andes.  Adaptogens (like maca, rhodiola or ashwangandha, to name a few) are herbs that help your body to adapt and recover from stress, poor diet and hormonal imbalance. Read more here… 



This week I watched the Netflix docu-series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (a nuanced take on the porn industry, directed by Rashida Jones) and while was reminded of an erotic filmmaker that I love and had forgotten about: Erika Lust (site is NSFW).  These are sexy movies definitely worth paying for.
Also watch (and tapping along to) Money Magnet Quickie and Client Magnet 

Listening to:

The week’s playlist has a slight folksy bent this week.  I’m loving this and this


This week I read and finished Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes.  I wanted something that would help inspire me in the run up to my birth this year.  My verdict: great message, inspiring story but I don’t think I’m her target audience and this book kind of hit the mark for me.

Learning + Discovering:

Oh dear.  The theme for May is INSTABILITY.  I was hoping more for “Things Return to Normal.”
A client (who’s now a friend!) shared At the Well – spiritual circles for Jewish women.
Contrary to what my Facebook feed was telling me, I did not have #allthefeels while watching the Heineken ad.  Here’s why.
Enjoy digging in and Have an awesome weekend! 
Nicole 🙂

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