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Something for the weekend No. 28

How has your week been?
Here in Malta it feels like it suddenly went from spring-y to summer.  
Pros: time for swimming!  Cons: Not quite ready to give up my newly acquired second-hand All Saints cashmere jumpers. Why oh why have you come into my life just when the temperatures start to rise!? 
This week I’ve been busy working on a different kind of creative project: developing clothing, journal and mug designs for a new novelty and apparel product line launching on my birthday next week. 
Inspo:  If Ban.do had a baby with Bust Magazine.  
So, feminist, fun + ever so slightly 70s. 
I’m basically making these t-shirts so that I can purchase and wear them myself, but maybe you’ll want some too!

Catch up on articles you’ve missed | Magical Maca.

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This week I watched Dear White People on Netflix.  In general I loved it, there were times I thought the dialogue could be tighter but otherwise I thought it was a great series! 


It would be amiss of me if I failed to mention that I’ve been guilty-pleasure watching the season finale episodes of Masterchef all this week.  


It would also be amiss of me if I failed to mention that I’m planning a Eurovision Song Contest party for tomorrow night.  Bring on the cheese! 


This is A LOT of tv-watching for me in one week! 


Listening to


My favorite Spanish-speaking pop stars here and here




I’m a bit book promiscuous this week and have been dipping in and out of the letter of ancient philosopher Seneca, DH Lawrence: Sons and Lovers and Clarissa Pinkola Estes: Women Who Run with the Wolves (one I’ve read and re-read countless times.)  


Learning + Discovering 


This one personality trait can predict whether you’re likely to walk around your house naked (I must absolutely have this, since I think I’m naked or partially clothed at least 50% of the time I’m at home)



100 solutions for climate change, ranked.  Tl;dr spoiler alert: the surprise top solutions include educating girls, better family planning and your refrigerator.


Enjoy digging in and Have an awesome weekend!


Nicole 🙂


PS — Looking for a few more summer design clients to round out my roster.  Open to working on anything from websites, to e-course branding, optin quizzes, media kits and other digital materials.  Easy-peasy payment plans available!  Just email me if you want to grab a spot.    

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