Welcome to the Center for Menstrual + Sexual Health!  We’re the online center for all things sex + periods.  

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Our mission is to help you get to know your body a little better.  Whether that’s learning how to chart your cycle so that you can finally understand WTF is going on in your body.  Or helping you prepare your body for a healthy + happy pregnancy.  Or maybe even teaching you how to get your mojo back.

Like a combo big sister / favorite aunt / BFF, we’re here to help.  We combine scientifically-backed education tools with a warm + friendly approach to provide information about your hormones, cycle and psychology that will quite literally change the way you see your body. 

Here a little map of how you can get free stuff, work with our clinic + start your healing journey today. 


Start off by taking our quiz to find out to Unlock Your Hormonal Archetype


Learn how you can heal your mind, body + spirit at the Unlock Your Cycle™ online clinic for women.  Here are a few of the issues we help with:

  • Learning how to chart your cycle + take control of your reproductive health
  • Irregular periods
  • Hormonal acne + skin care
  • Fertility issues
  • Hormone + endocrine balance
  • Weight loss
  • Rediscovering vitality + radiance
  • Libido + low-desire
  • Coming off the birth control pill
  • Preparing for a healthy conception + pregnancy

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