Maca Powder: A Primer

Maca powder is the ground powder of maca root — an adaptogen plant grown high in the Peruvian Andes.

Adaptogens (like maca, rhodiola or ashwangandha, to name a few) are herbs that help your body to adapt and recover from stress, poor diet and hormonal imbalance.  They’re called adaptogens because instead of performing one set function in the body, they “adapt” differently to each person’s body.  Adaptogens may even give you a different effect depending on what’s going on within your body during different times of the year, month, or throughout fluctuations in your diet and stress levels.

Maca powder is known in the Andes as a powerful aphrodisiac and fertility-increasing herb.  Modern nutrition knows it as a hormone-balancing and energy-boosting supplement that is safe for both men and women



  • Amino acids
  • Fatty acids, including lauric, linolenic, palmitic acid, oleic and steric acid
  • Vitamins B-1, B-2, C and E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Sulphur
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Phytonutrient

Top Benefits of Maca Powder


1. It tastes yummy.  Maca root powder has a creamy, nutty flavor that pairs really well with bulletproof / butter coffee or you can have it blended up with almond or coconut milk for a maca latte (yum!) …  It’s also delicious in smoothies and I use it in my favorite Aphrodisiac Truffles recipe.

2. It helps balance your hormones.  What makes maca powder such a wonderful superfood is it’s ability to balance both men and women’s hormones.  For women it’s particularly helpful in supporting PCOS, infertility, irregular periods and just plain ol’ PMS.

3. It gives you energy.  But not the soar-and-crash kinda energy that you get from caffeine, but rather a slow and steady, feel-good kind of energy.  The kind of energy where you finally have those same 24-hours that Beyonce has….

4. It increases your sex drive. And that is definitely not something that we’re complaining about!

5. Maca powder also boosts fertility, improves your mood and your memory. So a winner all around!


When you’re first trying out Maca powder, we recommend starting with 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp and working your way up to 1 tablespoon per day. 

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